Essential health tips for students

37. healthy tips for students

Students engaged in intensive academic activities must eat foods rich in essential nutrients and mineral elements. It will not only provide them energy but also nourishes their essential body portions like bone, teeth and so on. At the same time they must engage in various types of physical exercise to make their bones and muscles strong and flexible. They must abstain from drinking alcohol and other harmful beverages. But most importantly they need to have sound sleep for that will enhance the performance of metabolic activities inside their bodies. They must make themselves mentally free and relax to have a sound health.

Healthy tips for a perfect balance between work and lifestyle


Maintaining a perfect work-life balance could be a challenging task. In the present age with the increase in competition, people forget to lead a comfortable life and stay contented. If you’re a working professional then you might be spending most of the time attending meeting, planning, writing proposals, negotiating, etc. There are few simple steps that can help you lead a comfortable life without compromising on your work.

Be realistic

Make sure that you analyze your priorities and focus on things that really matter in your life. Sometimes being overburdened with work could affect the balance and it would be difficult for you to differentiate between what’s important and what’s not. There are various companies that have come up with their home based compensation plans that can help you earn big and focus on other priorities. These MLM companies, for example the Organo compensation plan could be really fruitful that can help you earn more than what you earn in your regular work. You can even read the reviews of these compensation plans before starting with them. Instead of burning out yourself, just scrutinize your day and get the perfect balance for your life.

Stay open to new opportunities

You must always have your doors opened for new business opportunities that can make your life easier. Once you are relieved from your work pressure you can focus on other aspects of life and make your lifestyle much easier. There are some MLM compensation plans that aim to provide you healthy products and make you a distributor through their network marketing plans. It is on you to decide the best opportunity that will suit your needs and get a good balance between your lifestyle and work pressure.

Understand the utility of the OFF button

You must learn to ignore the negatives and say NO to things that do not matter. While focusing on work and in order to succeed people take too many projects and this leads to stress. If you don’t learn to say no then you won’t stay contended. Along with your projects, you must learn to include exercise and proper food habits in your life. Remember you become successful when you learn to say no. It is not wise to take the extra pressure and affect your lifestyle. Having an unhealthy lifestyle will automatically affect your health and this leads to most of the problems in life.


Stretching At Work

Let’s talk about stretching at work.

Sitting at your desk for prolonged periods of time leaves you sore. Undoubtedly one of the biggest problems office workers have, is that they get back pains and neck pains. This isn’t great – in order to keep things going the proper way and maintaining back health, you need to stretch!

I’ll be talking you through some basic stretches today, all you have to do is keep an open mind and listen to me. Firstly, your neck. Place your palms together in a pray position, and push them up against your chin. From there, I want you to look upwards, until you feel a strain in your neck. Maintain this position for about 30 seconds. Easy, isn’t it?

Next, let’s do side stretches. Turn your head without moving your body to the left, which simultaneously crossing your arm over your body. Push it in with your opposite hand, getting a good stretch in your back. Do the same for the other side as well!

Lastly, put your hands at the back of your head. Look downwards as far as you can, making sure you get a proper sketch along the back of your neck and down the spine. As usual, maintain this position for a couple seconds before going back to normal.

Of course, this is no substitute for actual medical advice. If your aches persist, consider seeing an actual physiotherapist!

Exercise Tips


Welcome back to the blog. Today we want to go over exercising for a healthy body, for busy people. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to put in huge amounts of work to exercise – all you need to do is be consistent and always keep on your toes.

It is extremely easy to go for a run every morning, or a walk if running isn’t your thing. The biggest tip I can give you is try to make it a habit – once you have a regular habit of going to the gym or doing cardio outdoors, you are more likely to keep doing it. There are many psychological tricks people use to get them to exercise. Some of the best ones I’ve heard of and used over the years include going to bed in your sports gear, so that you are always ready to go the very next day. You can also get a buddy to help you get motivated, set goals and hit them together.

If all else fails, get yourself a personal trainer. There are many reasons why you should do this, but the biggest reason is to keep you accountable. It’s much easier to hit your regular exercise routines if somebody is there pushing you, keeping score and making sure you are doing the right thing. For most people, having not exercised for a long time (and in many cases, have not exercised at all in their lives) leaves you clueless to what you actually need to do at the gym for best results. A personal trainer can tell you exactly what you need to do, give you a proper routine and prevent injury.

Exercise is important, but make sure you combo this with a proper diet as well. Otherwise, all that work running on the treadmill is wasted if you’re just going to eat that cheesecake! Here’s a home workout video I find helpful to keep me motivated.

Health Tips For Busy People

Welcome to Able Parents, your one stop shop for advice on how to lead a proper healthy lifestyle even when you have a busy schedule!

We understand that as people get older, their priorities change. Health becomes less of a factor in their lives because they just have more things to worry about it general. This is sad and weird, and we don’t condone that sort of behaviour because health should always be your number one priority! To get you started, here are some quick tips that might make small changes in your lifestyle, yet I’m sure are incredibly helpful.

Firstly, chunking your meals into smaller portions. This is a great strategy for losing weight as well – you’d want to eat smaller meals instead of your traditional big ones. Why? Portion control. It is much easier to control what you are eating if you prepare everything in advance! I don’t need to tell you the importance of picking the right foods and putting them into your body – you should know that by now. The only problem I have with many people is that they neglect greatly (and occasionally overestimate) just how healthy they actually are.

Next, what you can really start to try is drinking more water. Water is important and I’m sure we all know that by now, but drinking lots of water not only improves your metabolism, it also helps you keep full, and reduce the amount of food that you eat. No doubt an important consideration with whatever it is you plan to do with your body. Water also has the added benefit of flushing all the toxins out of your body, something many people welcome.

Last quick tip before I sign off today – sleep more. Studies have shown the benefit of getting at least 8 hours of sleep per day. Don’t think you can get away with less because most of the time, you just can’t. This isn’t an ideal situation as your body starts to break down and things start to go wrong for you. Remember that no matter how busy you are, always get a good enough rest.

That is all I have for you today, in the next article we’ll be talking about exercise!